February 23, 2019

I get asked often… “Coach, How do you manage to stay so motivated.”

When I get asked this my simple reply is, “Because of how bad I want it.” Even though this answer sums up exactly how I feel overall, there are a ton of things that I do to stay accountable to the things I have to do in order to be the best version of myself.

Notice how I said accountable and not motivated.

Fact is, everyone loses motivation.

I have had plenty of times in my life where I become burned out, frustrated and even depressed.

It’s during those times that I have to dig deep inside and remind myself of WHY I need to train, eat healthy and continue my education.

I have a son who relies on me to be my very best and a positive, hard working role model. I have a girlfriend that I want to be an awesome man for and God willing, fill a much bigger role one day.

I have clients who depend on me to lead them so that they can be successful with their health and fitness goals.

I won’t be and can’t be someone who will fall to prey of excuses and weakness.

For me, the workouts I do provide the daily challenge I NEED in order to stay sharp, mentally and physically strong, on point, energized, healthy and on task with every single thing that is important to me in my life.

Without the daily grind, I can get lazy and depressed and thoughts of self doubt and worry tend to overtake me.

I battle with these kinds of things daily and the only way I can stay on top is to strive to be better than I was yesterday.

So while others ask how do I stay motivated, what it really comes down to is not me being motivated, it’s me being disciplined enough to create the habits and lifestyle I need in order to be the best man, father, coach, business owner, boyfriend and role model as I can be.

If you find yourself lacking in the motivation department… I encourage you to ask yourself, WHO do you want to be? And, are you doing everything you should be doing, that you need to be doing to be that person.

Keep Pounding 👊

February 23, 2019

In December of 1999 I was 23 and out processing from the Military.🇺🇸 I was told I had the back of a 62 year old and one day would require surgery.

Believing this I gave myself excuses of why I can’t exercise.

I became lazy. Overweight and Soft.😞 Until one day I Snapped‼️ I decided enough was enough… I started studying Kinesiology. Sports Science and Nutrition.🏋📚📝🍎 I worked with a Physical Therapist to help rehab my lower back.

I 🚫STOPPED the Excuses and didn’t focus on what I couldn’t do but instead put full attention on what I could… Over the years as my body adapted and became Stronger I was able to do more.
Along with having the ability to do more I continued to push myself out of my comfort zone…☠️☠️☠️ I have had the back injury resurface from time to time and through that have learned how to push just enough to keep getting stronger while safely adding more weight and intensity to my workouts.

If you had told me in 1999 that today I would Deadlift over 500 pounds or Squat over 400 I would have laughed at you 🤣🤣🤣 But I am who you see today because of a DECISION I made back then.

Every day we are faced with decisions.

My Challenge to you is to ask yourself each day when you look in the mirror…🤔 Am I making decisions today that will better myself for the future or make me worse off than yesterday.

Only YOU have the power to Change for the better.💯 Just Decide to Move Forward to become the Best Version of yourself. ⚠️Don’t worry about the past failures or mistakes. ⚠️Don’t worry about the long road and what its going to take to get there.

Just Decide and start one step at a time… And each day… Every day… Take another step forward.

The Decision is yours… Now… What Are You Going To Do⁉️

Fix Your Pushup with the following steps:

The Setup

  1. Stack shoulders directly over your hands.  Your hands should not be out in front of you nor spaced wider than shoulder width.
  2. Screw our hands into the floor. This is a coaching cue I give to my clients that truly helps to engage the serratus anterior and lats while protecting your shoulders from impingements.  Without actual moving your palms from the floor, drive and rotate your hands away from one another as hard as you can.  Think of actually screwing your hands deep through the floor.  Maintain this tightness throughout the entire pushup.
  3. Next, engage your core by keeping your hips slightly up.  Forget the rule of a straight line from the base of your neck to your heels.  By engaging a slight hip up position, you’ll target your overall full body strength and posture.

The Execution

  1. Lower your chest about an inch from the floor keeping your hips and core engaged.
  2. As you lower, keep your elbows slightly back positioning yourself in a tight triangle pattern.  This will target more tricep (the back of your arm) and protect your shoulders.
  3. Push back up to start position while maintaining overall tightness in your entire body.
  4. Rep for reps or time.

If you struggle with the Pushup – use an assistance band as seen here to help with your form.

Add chains, bands or a weight vest if you need more of a challenge.

Click here to learn how to incorporate bands into your Pushup or even Dumbbell work.

Standard grip, mix grip, hook grip?

Which one should you use?

Use them all.

Here’s why I like to incorporate each variation of these grips in my Deadlift training.

Standard, Double Overhand Grip

💥Develops overall grip strength with no extra assistance

💥Will not create imbalances in posture, particularly the upper back .

Mix Grip

💥Helps lift more weight

💥Doesn’t fatigue grip as fast

💥Helps develop bicep strength

Hook Grip

💥Practically cannot lose your grip

💥Develops high pain threshold 😮

Here’s the thing. I use to only use mix grip in my training and it caused me big problems with my lower back.

By continuing to grip the bar with left hand under and right hand over (my strongest grip position) I was causing severe posture imbalances which led to another lower back flare up that put ALL my training on hold for a good 3-4 months.

Since then, if I use the mix grip it’s on 2 conditions.

1. It’s only after I’ve reached a weight that I can’t handle for double overhand or I’ve exhausted my grip due to high reps, as seen in video below

2. I switch my hand position each working set. If I start left over, right under I’ll make sure that the next set my left hand is now under and right over.

By switching my hands each set I’m helping to keep my posture and structural integrity in check.

As far as hookgrip is concerned, I’ll use it as a gut check and will use this when I’m feeling I need to man up

Oh… And what about lifting straps

I never use them in training, maybe for a PR or when a competition allows but honestly, I feel they are cheating yourself out of true strength.

Keep Pounding Yall 👊

February 23, 2019

Question: what does this K5 Silverado and Weight training have in common?

Answer: You just can’t beat the old school classics.

I don’t give a damn about the new, flashy and easy…

It simply cannot stand up to the old, rugged and tough.

I’ll put up my barbells, Deadlifts, Squats, Cleans, Pull-Ups, Pushups, Hill Sprints and Jumps vs whatever the hell your circus act is.

So with that settled, next question.

Chevy, Ford or Dodge? And don’t you dare come at me with some hybrid 💩😂😂😂

Keep Pounding Yall 👊

I can’t give you abs overnight or get you from couch potato to Greek God(dess) in 6 weeks.

I can’t add 100 pounds to your Bench, Squat or Deadlift with one single session or coaching cue.

I can’t get you invited to the gun show 💪 with one magic exercise.

I can’t promise you’ll lose weight by following any of my training advice because I can’t control your diet.

But what I CAN do is:

  1. Make sure you’re doing the right exercises, at the right times, at the right intensity with the correct form each training session
  2. Make sure you’re following a sound diet that you can actually adhere to that will help you lose weight, get stronger and feel amazing
  3. Make sure you’re given the right support, encouragement and feedback you WILL need to get from where you’re at today to where you want to go.

No short cuts, No mysterious, magical methods.

Just hard work, structure and progression over time. 👊

Let me know when you’re done being frustrated and let down by gimmicks, challenges, quick fixes, garbage supplements and whatever else you’re fooling yourself with thinking it’ll work this time 👎

We’ll work together to help you transform your life into a stronger, more fit and confident BEST version of yourself.

February 22, 2019
It was about 4 years ago that I experienced a life changing event.

I traveled to St Petersburg FL to be among and learn from some of the strongest and greatest men in the fitness industry, including Elliott Hulse and Zach Evn-Esh.

I still carry with me the lessons I learned over that 2 day event and of course stay in contact with the new friends I met.

These role models that I looked up to become my friends and further more, my tribe in strength.

Over my lifetime I have had many tribes and formed relationships  and brotherhoods.

In school I had my closest friends, in the military we would yell, “Follow Me, 11B HOOAH,” and of course I had my church family.

But I have never felt more challenged, encouraged and experienced more growth in my own personal development than I have since I joined the ranks of the Strength and Conditioning community.

I truly found my tribe and it is one reason why I am able to be so relentless in my own strength and fitness journey.

I simply do not want to let me tribe down or myself down for that matter.

People come and go just as periods in our lives do but the strength community is different in that there will always be role models willing to encourage, teach and help anyone who is willing to step up to the challenge of improving themselves.

If you’re ready to find a StrongTribe that will motivate, educate and help you dominate your life, I invite you to take the first step and join our FREE Facebook Community by clicking here.

It’s called the NeverQuit Nation and it was started by a friend of mine named Jeff who’s really awesome dude and has lost over 100lbs in his own journey.

Again, you can join this group absolutely free by clicking right here.

It’s an easy way to start getting started if you’re currently struggling and just need some extra help.

See you on the inside 💪

Keep Pounding 👊