If you’re going to train or compete in Strongman, it is inevitable that you’re going to come across the Atlas Stone.

So, to help you out with the form and proper technique of lifting one of the most recognized events in all of Strongman sports… Check out the videos below.

How to Perform the Atlas Stone

Stone of Steel

People often over complicate their strength and fitness program with tons of needless accessory work, machines, and endless cardio 😖
Those things are important and belong in a well rounded program however 80% of your workouts should be focused on these 8 Basic movements if you want to get Jacked and Strong 💪
They are:

💥 Deadlifts
💥 Squats
💥 Pushups / Dips and possibly Bench Press
💥 Chin Ups and Pull Ups
💥 Heavy AF Carries
💥 Rows
💥 Sprints
💥 Jumps of all types
Clean and Presses could honestly be in this list however, jumping movements as well as throwing implements can be used in place of the classic Olympic lift, especially for the beginner to intermediate lifter who doesn’t have the mobility or coordination yet to perform the clean and press.
With the said, get work done with these Basic 8 Movements and all their variations and stop wasting your value time and effort on the needless 💩

If you’re not including mobilization drills such as yoga into every workout, you’re setting yourself up for some pain down the road. 😣

Each workout for me includes a 5-10 minute warmup that implements these yoga poses.

🙏Cobra (Updog)
🙏Cat / Cow
🙏Bird Dogs
🙏Low Lunge w/ Reach
🙏Spinal Twist
🙏Bottom Squat Ankle Rock

You should see the looks I get when I perform this routine at the Strongman Competitions I compete in. *shrugs*

I’d much rather spend a little extra time each day working my flow than being out of the gym for weeks or months at a time because of some stupid injury that could of been easily prevented.

OH!  Yoga is a great way to reclaim your strength and fitness if you’ve been out of the game for a while.  The best part is, it can be done anywhere at anytime so no excuses!

Here are a few demonstration videos from exercises listed above

Cobra / Downdog

Cat / Cow

Low Lunge w/ Reach

Spinal Twist

Supported Squat

Incorporate these into your workouts today and start moving and feeling much better.

Keep Pounding 👊


The Maniacs and several new visitors gathered at Mayhem Fitness and Cross Training this past Saturday for an epic Strongman workshop.

We went over form, technique and application of several Strongman implements including:

  • Atlas Stones
  • Log Clean & Press
  • Axel Bar Deadlifts
  • Yoke Carry
  • Tire Flips
  • and everyone’s favorite – Truck Pulls

During our time together there was lots of grunting, laughing and clapping through several new personal records.

Take a look at all the action and join us for the next one.  Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on upcoming events.

Strongman Saturday Trailer

Ashley gets a new PR on the Log Clean and Press

Tips for a better Overhead Press

See more action on Instagram by clicking here. (be sure to view the Strongman Highlight Tab)

Keep Pounding Yall 👊


It’s time to stop passing the buck, playing victim and start taking ownership of your life.

This isn’t a popular topic however those who are always feeling stuck and frustrated are often times the same ones who are always wanting to blame others, their situation or bad luck for where they are in life.

The truth is, you are exactly where you are at right now from the decisions you’ve made.

Can life deal a bad hand?


But it’s up to YOU to decide what you’re going to do, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Do your actions line up with your goals?  Or do your actions line up with exactly where you currently are?

Maybe it’s time to take some damn pride in yourself, accept ownership and make it happen!

Keep Pounding 👊


Check out this highlight reel of our athletes in all the fun action!

You can also view each event separately in this YouTube Playlist – CLICK HERE to view on YouTube

After that, my full competition recap is posted in the video below.

In it I address:

  • Some of the fears and concerns the athletes went through and how they were able to overcome them
  • The breakdown of the events and how our athletes performed with each one
  • How our athletes were the talk of the competition amongst their peers
  • What it takes to become a Champion
  • How to become the Strongest version of yourself and why I say the Ultimate Weapon for Personal Development is not found in school, books, podcasts or videos but comes from a Barbell

You can watch the complete recap here:


  1. Log Clean & Press – Heaviest weight lifted wins – 3 attempts
  2. Deadlift Medley – Barbell, Axel Bar + Wagon Wheels, Car Deadlift for reps – Most reps wins
  3. Stone Putt – Farthest Distance wins
  4. Yoke Ladder – Carry for 80 feet, dropping at each 20 foot marker adding 50 more pounds. Quickest time wins
  5. Stone of Steel Over Bar – Most reps wins


  1. Log – Most weight lifted – 125
  2. Deadlift – Bar – 250 / Axel – 275 / Car Deadlift – 570
  3. Stone Putt – 11lbs
  4. Yoke Ladder – Started at 200, finished at 350
  5. Stone of Steel – 175lbs


  1. Log – PR at 230
  2. Deadlift – Bar 405 / Axel – 450 / Car – ???
  3. Stone Putt – 16lbs
  4. Yoke Ladder – Started at 400 – finished at 550
  5. Stone of Steel – 250lbs

Results of our athletes

There were 5 girls competing in the Women’s MiddleWeight Novice division

In Womens:

Log Clean & Press – Celeena finished 1st, Liz took 2nd, Hannah 5th

Deadlift Medley – Hannah took 1st, Celeena 2nd and Liz 3rd

Stone Throw – Celeena 1st, Hannah 3rd, Liz 5th

Yoke Ladder – Hannah 1st, Celeena 2nd, Liz 3rd

Stone Over Bar – Celeena 1st, Hannah 4th, Liz 5th

Overall Points – Celeena 23, Hannah 16 and Liz finished 1 point behind the 3rd place finisher at 12

Celeena Buth took home 1st Place 🏆 in Women’s Novice Middleweight

Hannah Harpold took home 2nd Place 🏅 in Women’s Novice Middleweight

In the Mens’ Masters there were 6 of us competing

In the Log, I finished 2nd (same weight as 1st place but I was slower).

In the Deadlift I finished 3rd (again, tied in reps but slower)

In the Stone Throw I finished 5th and damn near took everybody out so 🙈

In the Yoke Ladder I finished 2nd

In Stone Over Bar I finished 4th

I took home 3rd Place 🎖 with a total of 19 points, 6 points behind 1st.

Here is the Full Score Sheet – Leprechaunscoresheet

Everybody came home a Stronger, more confident Champion version of themselves

From left to right (Liz Stephens, Celeena Buth, Sean Murphy, Hannah Harpold)

If you are ready to become the Strongest and Fittest version of yourself, hit me up for Personal Training or Online Coaching / Programming at coachseanmurphy@gmail.com

Keep Pounding 👊


Special Thanks To: Coach, Sean Coffey for organizing and putting on this event. 

Iron Asylum Gym – VA Beach VA for hosting the event and to all the sponsors:

  • Southside Harley-Davidson
  • Oceana Nutrition Corner
  • Brian Latuga
  • Fruitive
  • SBD
  • A7 Intl
  • Swōl Food
  • Cerberus Strength USA
  • PNC
  • Born Primitive
  • Warrior Genetics Lab
  • 5.11 Tactical
  • Strike Force
  • London Bridge Trading
  • Special Ops Survivors
  • Aegis Strength & Conditioning LLC
  • Play Again Now – Recovery
  • Wasserhund Brewing Company
  • Jimmy Dillon

I use to think that in order to burn off fat and build a hard, strong body, that you must always be pushing yourself at a hard intensity each time you exercised.

When someone would tell me that they walked for exercise I would typically smirk and shrug it off as, sure, if that works for you.

That was in my youth and I’m reluctant to say that I was completely missing out on some of the great benefits of taking a daily walk.

Fact is, those same people that I may of smirked at in my ignorance were right and now I’m here telling you that this one strategy could be the ultimate weapon along with a caloric deficit in your quest to lose fat.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe strength training needs to be and should be part of your overall regimen but I won’t make the mistake of neglecting the importance walking has to your overall health and fitness.

Stan Efferding, is the one who is responsible for this mindset change in me. He is the world’s Strongest Bodybuilder after all and has worked with clients such as World’s Strongest Men Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson (Thor).

When he helped these two gentlemen out (who were already at the TOP of their game) he looked at a couple of things and implemented one new strategy.

First, he addressed their sleep, next their nutrition and finally added 10 minute walks after each meal.

Stan goes into great detail about how 10 minute walks have such a dramatic effect on weight loss, performance, better mood, insulin sensitivity, heart health, aches and pains and many other benefits that could be listed here.

The main message I want to convey today is this…

Sometimes its the easy things we neglect to do that will have the greatest impact on our overall health.

Taking a couple of 10 minute walks per day takes absolutely no talent or skill set whatsoever unlike learning a deadlift or muscle-up.

And its not just for the average person who’s trying to start a fitness regimen.

If two of the World’s Strongest Men are adding 10 minute walks to their regimen and seeing improvements in their performance on the main stage then who am I to say walking is a waste of time and you’re better off running…

“SHUT UP!” younger me… “You were WRONG!”

To check out Stans 10 minute walk routine and to learn much more about the benefits, check out the video below and listen to this on your next (or first) 10 minute walk today 👍

Keep Pounding 👊