5 Tips to Knock Excuses Out 👊💥

June 6, 2019

If you are reading this right now, I have no doubt that you know what your strength and fitness goals are.

But the distance between where you are right now and where you really want to be can be measured by the number of excuses you make.

The more excuses you make, the bigger the distance. So on the flips side, the less excuses you tolerate, the more you close the gap and start seeing your way towards your success.

The purpose of this email is to help you better understand exactly what excuses are so that you can flip the script and not give into them any longer.

😤1. First you must realize that ALL excuses you tell yourself are flat out LIES. We all find the resources, time and energy to do the things we want to do. An excuse is simply finding a way to justify your lack of desire.

😤2. Excuses will NEVER better your situation. You may think you’re doing yourself a favor but in the long run your excuses will turn out to be regret. Unfortunately, at that time, it may be too late.  It’s not too late right now though so start something today!

😤3. The more excuses you make, the easier it gets to make even more. This is a dangerous downward spiral to get into because the further you give in, the harder it is to get out of.  If you feel like this, we may need to talk to help you out of that situation.

😤4. You’re only hurting yourself by allowing excuses to prevent you from taking action.  Please understand that every time you make an excuse, you are preventing yourself from becoming happier, healthier, stronger and being more capable of taking on challenges that’ll test you both mentally and physically.

✅5. The cure for Excuses is EXECUTION. As soon as you have an excuse come up in your head, defeat it by taking action, no matter how small or insignificant you may think that action is. Lace up your shoes, turn on a motivational video, do a few Pushups, jump rope.

It truly doesn’t have to be much but you must do something. Once you get moving you’ll build momentum. Don’t stop. Allow that momentum and positive sensation of accomplishment continue to drive you to the next step and the next and the next.

3 weeks of positive action will propel you into a new, No Excuse making you. That’s just 21 days. You can do it but if you need help, hit me up. I’ll make sure we knock your excuses out for good 💪


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