Are you settling for a Mediocre Life?

April 23, 2019

Over 20 years ago my life changed. I had a lower back injury that sidelined my life, caused me to gain a ton of weight and sent me into depression.

I had a choice to make… Accept that this was now my life at the age of 23 and suffer every day and live a life of mediocrity or do something about it… I chose the latter.

During my strength and fitness journey I’ve been sidelined more times than I can count from that lower back injury resurfacing and a shoulder issue (bad form on Bench press related) that took me away from lifting for a solid year.

I could of easily said, we’ll… It’s over… That would of just been an excuse though. That would of been settling for mediocrity again.

Through all of my experiences, both good and bad, I’ve ALWAYS found a way to stay active and IN the gym.

I’ve picked up running and yoga when lifting wasn’t an option.

The gym has always been my place of growth and personal development. It’s helped me overcome self esteem issues, depression, anxiety and stress.

You’ll never see me make excuses not to be active or in the gym, that would be me turning my back on the very thing that gave me LIFE.

So many people will take a little hit and their poor ego gets bruised so bad that they just quit. Because they’ve decided they can’t anymore because of an injury or setback. What the 🙊 ever.

That’s simply an excuse and weakness.

When you want something bad enough you find a way, no matter what. Or you find an excuse.

And no one will call you out on it because mediocrity is everywhere. Mediocrity is the norm. Mediocrity is safe. Mediocrity is weak.

My life is BUILT being as far away from mediocrity as possible.

You decide what you’re going to be day in and day out.

Are you settling for a mediocre life? Or are you DOING something about it today?


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