When I look back I can recognize my own personal growth, maturity, discipline, courage and strength that has developed from the inside out that has made me the person I am today.

I take on obstacles head on and I’m very aggressive at working hard on my goals.

I wasn’t always this way though.

There was a time in my life when I would stand on the sidelines and wasn’t much of a chance taker. In my youth I was very shy and introverted – I know that doesn’t seem possible but it’s true.

There was once a time you’d never see me speak in front of others or even have my picture taken, (ask my Mom about all the photos she wanted to take as I was growing up but couldn’t because I hated it so much).

Today I’m very comfortable in front of a video camera and love leading from the front which often includes being in front of large groups.

I credit this type of self transformation from the lessons learnt being under the Barbell – training hard.

Not everyone gets this – and it takes time for a client to see it happen for themselves but I guarantee this ONE thing happens with each and every dedicated person I work with – they TRANSFORM.

I’m not talking about their bodies here. Nope, this goes much deeper and is way more important.

I’m talking about the psychological changes that occurs; the development of each members character, the fire that burns inside them to be better, do more and take on every challenge that is presented to them.

I have clients who do things today they never thought they would ever try. They are not afraid to LIFT HEAVY, compete in strength sports, become leaders and encourage others (these are the ones I admire the most), take on every new challenge I present them with at the gym and more.

Training TRANSFORMS people.

The crossover from who you use to be to who you are becoming occurs over time. And when it happens that feeling becomes addicting and you want it every single day.

Of course, it doesn’t happen for everybody either. There are plenty of people who spend years exercising but never change.

What is the difference between the two?

The answer is simple – Type A is the person who accepts the challenge and everything that comes with it, no matter how hard things get or how many times they have to try they will keep persisting and pushing through pain (emotional and physical) while Type B stays in their comfort zone, never truly pushing themselves into the unknown.

Are you wanting for The Transformation to happen to you? If so, here is my invitation to you:

1. Think BIG – Your dreams should be so big that they literally scare you to achieve them. Chase them without hesitation and be prepared to work for it.

2. Break out of your comfort zone during your workouts – You will only know your limits when you push yourself towards the breaking point.

3. Stop allowing others to hold you back – Ever have someone tell you that you don’t need to do something or question why you want to chase something that seems so daunting and tasking. Even if they mean well, their questioning and “advice” could be holding you back.

4. Find others that have gone out and done what you are trying to do. Listen to their advice and positive reinforcement. Why would you ever listen to someone who is miserable in their own life or who hasn’t had the courage to dream big and strive for it with everything they got?

5. You want something different, Change Something – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Too often I hear people say they want to lose fat, become stronger, make more money but yet they aren’t willing to change their daily habits. You tell me, what sense does that make?

6. Enjoy the process – This is probably the most important because in today’s society of instant gratification and having everything at a moments notice we have been brainwashed into thinking that everything can be solved in minutes. Success in anything takes a plan, time and dedication. If you’re not willing to accept the process and TIME, you will always be one of those who are discouraged, frustrated, looking for shortcuts and miserable because “it didn’t work.”

7. Be Grateful for everything! If you live in America, you have hit the ultimate lottery. Before you complain about ANYTHING that has thrown a monkey wrench into your perfect little world I would encourage you to be thankful that you live in a place where anything you want to accomplish is possible. Sure, we have our problems but if America was so bad, you wouldn’t see everyone and their brother trying to come here (I certainly don’t blame them) and you would see every top celebrity who bashes this great country leave.

8. Stop WHINING! Here’s a little secret, every single time you complain about something, even in a joking manner, you hold yourself back from receiving opportunity and reward! It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I hate pushups, squats are too hard, I have no money, Joe didn’t show up – I don’t care what it is – whenever you entertain these thoughts and share them with others, all you are doing is inviting yourself to focus on negativity rather than focus on the task at hand to better yourself.

If You Can’t Handle What Is Given To You On A Daily Basis, How The Hell Can You Expect To Handle More Responsibility That Comes With Success?

Here’s the deal – we live in an era today where rewards are given for mediocrity, people are ungrateful for what they have, everyone is about what’s in it for me instead of what can I do for my fellow man, people are willing to hand over their future for what they can get right now and hard work is a thing of the past.

Fortunately, success in life doesn’t play by these new rules. You can’t just get by in business and you can’t just get by in the gym if you want better for yourself.

The Barbell nor life doesn’t care who you are or what you do. It will break you down and demand your very best. Only when you give your 100% very best consistently do you see THE Transformation occur.

You can’t be in this for the short hull – think Marathon over Sprint here. You can’t be negative or take short cuts – The Reward, the life lessons, the person you will become on the other side cannot be cheated.

If you’re waiting for the Transformation to occur – you’re staying asleep dreaming. It’s only when you wake up and take massive action that you’ll come out on the others side and say, WHOA – I’m loving this and I want more of it.

This is what Champions Are Made Of and This is what TRUE Transformations Look Like.

Get Work Done.


PS: Leading an active and healthy lifestyle is surely a trait that the most successful live by. Its even part of the 7th Habit – Sharpen the Saw in the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”