Fix Your Pushup

February 23, 2019

Fix Your Pushup with the following steps:

The Setup

  1. Stack shoulders directly over your hands.  Your hands should not be out in front of you nor spaced wider than shoulder width.
  2. Screw our hands into the floor. This is a coaching cue I give to my clients that truly helps to engage the serratus anterior and lats while protecting your shoulders from impingements.  Without actual moving your palms from the floor, drive and rotate your hands away from one another as hard as you can.  Think of actually screwing your hands deep through the floor.  Maintain this tightness throughout the entire pushup.
  3. Next, engage your core by keeping your hips slightly up.  Forget the rule of a straight line from the base of your neck to your heels.  By engaging a slight hip up position, you’ll target your overall full body strength and posture.

The Execution

  1. Lower your chest about an inch from the floor keeping your hips and core engaged.
  2. As you lower, keep your elbows slightly back positioning yourself in a tight triangle pattern.  This will target more tricep (the back of your arm) and protect your shoulders.
  3. Push back up to start position while maintaining overall tightness in your entire body.
  4. Rep for reps or time.

Add chains, bands or a weight vest if you need more of a challenge.

Click here to learn how to incorporate bands into your Pushup or even Dumbbell work.

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