Fix this first! Then your results will come along a lot easier

April 11, 2019

Nothing happens without the right mindset

This is either going to be a hard lesson for you, or an empowering lesson, but it is the truth you need to hear.

If you are not ready to change your way of thinking… meaning you stop telling yourself you can’t or that you’re not ready, then you are not going to get the results you want.

We need to get this very straight. Your way of thinking gets you to where you will end up going.

If you come into a new fitness program thinking, “O.K. I’ll TRY once again to lose weight and get in shape,” then you have already failed.

“Do or do not; there is no try!” (Remember Yoda teaching that?)

If you won’t commit to putting in 100% effort and come into this with all your heart and desire to succeed, you will not even make it through the first week.

Please, don’t take me the wrong way. I am not being mean. I am being honest.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

Yeah, I’m laying in on pretty thick with the quotes, but the point is, you have to believe in yourself!

The reason people try and fail over and over again is because they believe in a product, a diet pill, a workout program, even a personal trainer but they never put the trust or belief into themselves to do what it takes to get the job done!


You can try every single program out there, every single personal trainer or strength coach in the world including myself but if you come into it with a negative attitude; if you tell yourself you are not able to lose weight, if you tell yourself it’s just not possible, that its hopeless; then nothing, no program, no trainer is going to work for you!

In order to become confident and strong you MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST!

I cannot possibly stress this enough. I know you have been let down in the past, I know you are tired of being tired, stressed, over weight and frustrated but you need to reprogram your thinking, right now, start telling yourself you CAN do this!

You CAN…

  • Lose the Fat!
  • Get Into Better Shape!
  • Become Stronger!
  • Find time to Exercise!
  • Eat Healthy!

You CAN and you WILL! With everything I have to give I will PROVE this to you; I am just asking that you start by believing in yourself FIRST!

Take Out the Head Trash and Get RID of all the negative influences that will destruct your efforts!


  • The Past Failures!
  • The Broken Promises you made to yourself
  • The EXCUSES!!!

SO WHAT? If you have medical conditions, past surgeries, depression, bad knees, arthritis, a case of the Mondays, the Tuesdays, the Wednesdays! excuses, Excuses, EXCUSES, I don’t buy into them! EVER!!!

You CAN and you WILL get the results that you want, that you desire and that you NEED IN ORDER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Are you with me? Or have I totally upset you in ways that are unforgivable???

Yes! I am in your face about this but I’m willing to bet its exactly what you have needed!

I’ll let your so called friends tell you that you are fine, that you look great, that you shouldn’t worry about exercising because you have too many health problems, that you’re big boned, its genetics, that you need to relax and take it easy or that you work hard so you don’t have time to exercise.

The way I see it you have one of two options:

• Listen to them and stay exactly where you are at now or

• Listen to me and understand that I am a YOUR Coach who will tell you like it is and help you get where you really want to be.

If you’re still reading this and have made up your mind that you CAN do this, Congratulations!

You have just been handed Key #1 – Make Up Your Mind, to ensure your success.

I look forward to hearing about your awesome and life changing results.

Now get out there and do it!

Of course, if you need any help, reply to this email and lets chat to see if one of my programs is right for you.


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