Motivation is BS

February 23, 2019

I get asked often… “Coach, How do you manage to stay so motivated.”

When I get asked this my simple reply is, “Because of how bad I want it.” Even though this answer sums up exactly how I feel overall, there are a ton of things that I do to stay accountable to the things I have to do in order to be the best version of myself.

Notice how I said accountable and not motivated.

Fact is, everyone loses motivation.

I have had plenty of times in my life where I become burned out, frustrated and even depressed.

It’s during those times that I have to dig deep inside and remind myself of WHY I need to train, eat healthy and continue my education.

I have a son who relies on me to be my very best and a positive, hard working role model. I have a girlfriend that I want to be an awesome man for and God willing, fill a much bigger role one day.

I have clients who depend on me to lead them so that they can be successful with their health and fitness goals.

I won’t be and can’t be someone who will fall to prey of excuses and weakness.

For me, the workouts I do provide the daily challenge I NEED in order to stay sharp, mentally and physically strong, on point, energized, healthy and on task with every single thing that is important to me in my life.

Without the daily grind, I can get lazy and depressed and thoughts of self doubt and worry tend to overtake me.

I battle with these kinds of things daily and the only way I can stay on top is to strive to be better than I was yesterday.

So while others ask how do I stay motivated, what it really comes down to is not me being motivated, it’s me being disciplined enough to create the habits and lifestyle I need in order to be the best man, father, coach, business owner, boyfriend and role model as I can be.

If you find yourself lacking in the motivation department… I encourage you to ask yourself, WHO do you want to be? And, are you doing everything you should be doing, that you need to be doing to be that person.

Keep Pounding 👊

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