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Mayhem Fitness in Richmond VA is dedicated to those who take their strength and fitness seriously.  We provide everything you need to sharpen your skills in Strongman, Olympic Lifting, CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning.  24/7 Gym Access for our members with optional personal training available.  By appointment only.

Mayhem X-Treme Transformation Coaching Academy

We get it… you’re busy.  Between work, kids, deadlines, meetings, traffic, and everything else in between, you have enough going on.  Now you want to add in a personal trainers schedule into the mix?  Ain’t nobody got time for that… Sorry, had to do it

But honestly, that’s why we created the Mayhem X-Treme Transformation Academy.

This is our most trusted and popular program for busy professionals and those who simply need their own customized nutrition, workout and coaching program without being tied down to a schedule or restricted diet – because you have clients to entertain as well and your fitness should fit around your life, not the other way around.

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Mayhem X-Treme Transformation Quick Start

Want to get results but HATE Diets?

How about getting results AND keeping them without:

  • Starving

  • Cutting Out Food You Love

  • Cutting Out Carbs

  • Living In The Gym

  • Hating Life

  • Failing Over And Over

What if there was a way you could eat the food you love and love what you see in the mirror?

Instead of having to stay behind when friends or family go out to eat; Imagine if you could eat pizza and go out with friends but still:

 Make The Number On The Scale Get Smaller
 Make Dressing Up & Shopping Fun Instead Of Stressful
 Enjoy Food Without Feeling Guilty
 Get Results And Keep Them

This is what I help my clients do every day.

You know it works because you see others do it and you wonder how.

Well, that’s going to change RIGHT NOW.

➡️➡️➡️ Grab my FREE Transformation Course where I pull back the curtain and reveal real answers to all your questions and tell you EXACTLY how to get in fantastic shape without a horrible fad diet or living in the gym.

So you have two options here:

 Continue feeling guilty dealing with the ups and downs of crazy diets and programs that make you unhappy.

 Start your free training today and Discover how to get results without cutting out the food you love.

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E-Books and E-Courses

Big & Basic 8

Big & Basic 8 – $19

Big & Basic 8 is an intense Strength program that’s designed for one purpose – Get you Jacked and Strong.

A Barbell and Your Body is all you need for this program that breaks through all the fluff and stuff that you simply don’t need.

If you’re goal is Pure Strength and Size and you prefer the Rough and Rugged Way to achieve Success… This is the program for you.

Each week is broken down into Lifts, Sets, and Goal Percentage Reps to take your strength and performance to the next level.

If you love the Barbell, Squat, Deadlifts, Bench Press and Rows and just want to get Jacked & Strong – this program is for you.

Grab your copy today for only $19

Gen-X Strength Project – $47

The Gen-X Strength Project is for those of us who are a little further along in life and still have the drive and determination to Be Better and Stronger than yesterday.

The drive for strength and power that makes us men has never left us. That deep seated urge to continue to strive for the top and to beat our limitations never dies.

Strength is not an option when you get older – it is the prescription for survival.

We understand why this is important. Its why we have designed The Gen-X Strength Project.

This program combines Strength and Conditioning into an easy to follow training template that goes way beyond just being fit.  This program is for MEN that desire to train and perform at their best because our best days are far from over.

Follow this program precisely as written or personally custom The Gen-X Strength Project to fit your fitness and skill level with easy to follow tutorials and instructions throughout.

When you find yourself in front of a challenge that ain’t backing down from you and you decide to take it head on – that is Baptism Under Fire!

Step Up and Rise to the Challenge! – Take on The Gen-X Strength Project today.

Buy Now – $47

Purchase For Only $19



➡️Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy or Libido?

➡️Struggling With Extra Belly Fat That You Just Can’t Seem To Lose

➡️Do You HATE Diets?

If you answered YES to one or all of these, get your copy of the Testosterone Jacked Nutrition System that’ll have you feeling like a MAN again.

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