The Basic 8 Work, Every Single Time

March 29, 2019

People often over complicate their strength and fitness program with tons of needless accessory work, machines, and endless cardio 😖
Those things are important and belong in a well rounded program however 80% of your workouts should be focused on these 8 Basic movements if you want to get Jacked and Strong 💪
They are:

💥 Deadlifts
💥 Squats
💥 Pushups / Dips and possibly Bench Press
💥 Chin Ups and Pull Ups
💥 Heavy AF Carries
💥 Rows
💥 Sprints
💥 Jumps of all types
Clean and Presses could honestly be in this list however, jumping movements as well as throwing implements can be used in place of the classic Olympic lift, especially for the beginner to intermediate lifter who doesn’t have the mobility or coordination yet to perform the clean and press.
With the said, get work done with these Basic 8 Movements and all their variations and stop wasting your value time and effort on the needless 💩

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