What To Do When Progress Stops

June 4, 2019

Today I have a very important message for you.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of people, and some of my clients included, getting very discouraged over their workouts.  They feel as if they aren’t making progress because they don’t notice the same rapid progress happening that they once did.

Here is what really happens when you hit these type of “plateaus.”  Yes, plateaus in quotations because that’s not what is going on at all.

It has been said that out of every 10 workouts – 4 will be “meh” 3 will SUCK and 3 will be GREAT.

You see, the more experience a person has in the gym, and the stronger he or she gets, the more they notice this pattern.

I’ll explain further.

In the beginning, it’s very easy to make great strides in your program.  You find yourself losing weight and getting stronger very quickly.

Losing 20 pounds or hitting a new personal record in 6 weeks isn’t really isn’t that big of an achievement.  Why?  Because it truly is THAT easy in the beginning.

Of course its very motivating when a person loses that initial weight and it drives them to continue for more which is great but you need to understand that this is when the REAL work begins.

As your journey continues the body becomes more adapted to your efforts and what you experience is results start to slow down and your left wondering what you are doing wrong.

True, it’s very important to have progressive overload (which I talk about here) in your strength and fitness program.  Very simply, if you’re not continuing to challenge your body, you won’t make much more progress.

But if that is in check (as it is with our programs at Mayhem) then the key is consistency.

Although it may seem slower, by focusing on your efforts every day, you will be moving the needle forward one inch at a time.

Allow me to stress that now is not the time to over complicate things or jump to a whole new program.

I’ve been guilty of this in the past but the worse thing you can do is start thinking that you need to try something different or that more is better.

No, you do not have to do more workouts, longer workouts consume more information or jump to a whole new program.

UGH… Just STOP the madness.

Listen, if you take a step back and stay focused on your efforts on what truly matters you’ll make much greater strides towards your goals.

You don’t need the fancy gadgets, the expensive supplements, the 3 hour workouts 7 days a week.

You simply need to take positive action each day with consistency and purpose and allow it to build towards your success.

Use these action steps:

1. Take a daily 20 minute walk outdoors
2. Strength Train 3 days per week focusing on progressive overload.
3. Sprinkle in Conditioning 1-2 times per week.
4. Eat in a caloric deficit for fat loss or caloric surplus to gain muscle (only advised when your body fat % is at a healthy level).
5. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night
6. Repeat

Again, stop over complicating it.  Stay consistent and the results will come.  What you probably need to do is exercise some patience.


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